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About Third Eye

On this page you can find out all about third eye - who we are, and what we do. 

learn about our teachers and out philosophy towards the teaching and practice of yoga & meditation.

About Melissa Third Eye founder yoga and meditation teacher

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Learn about the founder and face of Third Eye - Melissa Peralta. Discover her journey through healing with yoga & meditation. If you would like to get to know her better find her on instagram under the handle 'thirdeyetribe_uk', where she regularly posts yoga & meditation, self love and positivity.  

Melissa, has been joyfully teaching Vinyasa Yoga and guided meditation in Aberdeen city and shire since 2018. A former contemporary dancer and choreographer, she developed a casual yoga practise to support her professional dance training back in 2002. It was only once she retired from her dance career that she rediscovered her love for yoga and dedicated herself to the practice. This came at a time in her life of profound and difficult change. Yoga became the saviour in supporting her healing and personal transformation, which lead to  being inspired to teach. It is her pleasure and privilege to share this practise with you all. 

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About Third Eye Philosophy

Here you will find out about Third Eye's philosophy towards the teaching and practice of yoga and meditation.

Our Approach To Yoga

Our approach to yoga enables you to work through your body to gain insight into who you truly are at the core. Building practical skills that transfer off your mat and into your everyday life. We offer you the opportunity to check in with yourself in a safe and welcoming environment; promoting self care and personal development through conditioning of the mind and body. 

The classes we offer are accessible and adaptable wherever you are on your journey and what you need at the time. We encourage students to feel into postures without forcing, using playful exploration to cultivate greater awareness of self and your surroundings. Challenges are offered but never enforced. Our aim is to gift you the ability to develop and take responsibility for your own practise by honouring the body whatever your capabilities are and wherever you are on your yoga journey. Always remembering that yoga is a life-long practise. It is about finding wonder and joy in the process and not fixating on the results or arriving in a particular place.

Through regular practise, you move into mindfulness; intuition emerges, and your body, mind and spirit unite in harmony. Negative inner dialogue transforms into a loving, wise, compassionate song that your entire being can dance in freedom to.

Our Approach to Meditation

Guided Meditation is a useful tool for those who would like to begin a meditation practise. Using creative imagery and breath work, these tools help guide you into a deeper place of peace within.

There are many emotional and physical benefits from developing a regular meditation practise; ranging from a general sense of calm, reduced stress, deep relaxation, improved quality of sleep and the ability to tackle the waves of life with more ease and grace. Meditation supports you in improving your relationship with yourself and others around you.

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Love yourself, Love our planet, Love our Products

We are free. Free to make our own choices, to love what we love and feel what we feel.

Here at Third Eye we believe that choice is a sacred gift that gives us the ability to make affirmative action to incite positive change in our homes, communities,  ourselves, and others .

It has been our pleasure to develop these products with loving intention and with the goal of producing them in a way that least impacts our beautiful planet. 

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