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We have done the leg work for you

There is a lot of information out there, and we know how important efficiency is in the modern world. So, to help the process along we have created this infographic to highlight why we feel yoga and meditation are not only needed in the corporate world, but why they are becoming a necessity. Enjoy!

How About Some Statistics

Numbers don't lie, neither does crippling neck pain!

Lets get some perspective 

So, now you know how we can help your business not only save money but improve efficiency, moral,  strengthen work-culture,  increase productivity, see fewer sick days, and less staff turn over. Furthermore, these sessions can help improve engagement by forging more mindful, considerate, and compassionate relationships with themselves and co-workers. Now let us show you some stats to get things into perspective.

Be The Difference The Corporate World needs

  • Invest in your people; invest in your company; invest in your profits.
  • Be the company your employees brag about
  • Establish a healthy & productive working culture.

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Still need convincing - This is what our clients have to say

Testimonials from our very, very happy clients 

We are dedicated to supporting employers in creating a better work/life balance for their employees. Highlighting the importance of managing stress, mental health and overall wellbeing. We have the pleasure of working with companies such as BrewDog, Aberdeen Performing Arts and Ledingham Chalmers Solicitors, who see the value in creating awareness and giving focus to the health and well-being of the people working for them, and how that can benefit the organisation as a whole. Lets see what they have to say:

Ledingham Charlmers LLP Testimonials
  • “We at Ledingham Chalmers wanted to offer something slightly different to our colleagues, and discovered that a mid-week yoga session provided the perfect antidote to long hours at our desks.  Melissa has been working with us for many months now, and it is the highlight of many peoples’ week when she arrives full of smiles on a Wednesday lunchtime or Thursday morning.  Her style of flow keeps everyone engaged, and she equally is as amenable to beginners as she is to seasoned practitioners.  It is clear she prepares well for every class, and brings her own personal insight into everything she does.  We all really enjoy Melissa’s style of teaching, and sensitive development of our own practice.”

    David S Scott

    Partner - Ledingham Chalmers LLP
brew dog logo
Brew Dog Testimonials
  • I’ve gained many benefits since starting Yoga & Meditation, a year ago now. I had my trepidations and doubts, thinking I won’t be able to physically do the poses – being not the most limber of people. Here is where Melissa steps in and is the best Yoga instructor a novice like me could ever hope for. She encouraged and challenged me to try the poses I thought were physically impossible for me to do. More importantly, she is patient with my progress and this gives me the confidence to press on further on my Yoga journey. Her introduction to Meditation was also an eye opener for me. I can now deal with stressful situations more calmly, by practising breathing techniques and mindfulness, methods Melissa had taught me. My life has been enriched and enhanced since I joined Melissa’s Yoga & Meditation sessions. I highly recommend it to anyone at any fitness level.

    Dr. Dzeti Zait

  • “I’d always wanted to try yoga but was very nervous because im so inflexible and was recovering from an ankle injury, Melissa’s yoga classes are great because shes easily able to adjust the level to work for me. I’ve found yoga a relaxing yet challenging way to improve my fitness, it’s something I wish I’d started sooner as its been great for my body”

    Robyn Reid

    Beer & Culture Power Ranger, BrewDog HQ
Aberdeen Preforming Arts Logo for testimonial
Aberdeen Preforming Arts Testimonials
  • “We chose to start running weekly corporate yoga classes as part of our Healthy Working Lives program, having recognised the benefits for both the individual employees and Aberdeen Performing Arts. Relieving stress that could lead to absenteeism, enhancing focus through breathing techniques and improved posture as many of us are sitting at desks for prolong periods of time. Through Melissa’s expertise and guidance we were able to run a weekly mixed-ability class offering a challenge for everyone no matter what pace they progressed at. Melissa changes the flows weekly to keep the class interesting and has a sincere focus on wellbeing, adding heart-warming messages of gratitude throughout. I would highly recommend Melissa and corporate yoga to any business” 

    Grace Arthur

    - Sales & Ticketing Manager APA
  • “As a Yoga Novice attending these sessions has given me the confidence to explore further the Yoga offering in Aberdeen and regularly attend classes elsewhere in the city”

    Lynn Hackett

    - Customer Service Manager
  • “I really wasn’t sure what to expect but the class is suitable for people of all levels of fitness and each ‘pose’ is stepped through so there is no need for any previous knowledge of yoga” 

    Leon Gray

    - Conference & Events Manager

Why Yoga & Meditation with Third Eye?

Here at Third Eye we understand what it takes to live a health happy life. In a world dominated by deadlines, financial reports, and tax returns it is far too easy to get lost in the whirlwind of the corporate world. Trust us we have been there. We too have at points lost ourselves somewhere under the mountains of paper work, meeting minutes, and desk memos, and every time we get lost under memo-mountain, we crash, and we burnout. We get less done, and we hurt ourselves in the process. 

We forget the basics, we forget how important it is to an efficient work force to have work/life balance. It is absolutely essential to be mentally and physically healthy if we want enduring results. Our companies, whether we like it or not, can put enormous pressure on our employees. Recently we have had 1.4 million cases of mental health related illness in the uk caused directly by working conditions, and it would be lie to say “I have never had a sore back sitting at my desk.” It doesn’t have to be this way. Our goal at Third Eye is to alleviate the mental and physical tax on daily corperate life through yoga and meditation.

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