We are delighted to announce that between 22-28th March I’ll be residing in the beautiful space at @hyvearc, offering a pop-up Yoga Studio & Concept Store. 

Our schedule is outlined in our Pop-up Event page where you can also book your place for our yoga classes and events. We look Forward to seeing you there. 

C O U P L E S . C A C A O

This 1-week journey guides you and your love to discover a new layer of intimacy to blissfully surrender and steep in. A sacred space created together and supported by heart opening medicine, Cacao. Whether you are cultivating this place together for the first time or using this practice to keep your “garden” in full bloom; this course will have you revealing, unfolding, opening and sharing all parts of your hearts in divine unity.
Modern day society is structured in a way where we often find ourselves with full calendars, to do lists, responsibilities and very little time to just BE. Whether that is with ourselves or our love. It takes work to stay conscious, awake and attentive in a relationship. After this course, this Cacao ritual can become part of a regular practice. Whether it be once a week or more, a place where you can slow down together to just be, breathe, share and connect.
You will receive guidance on how to create this very special couples Cacao ritual, whilst also weaving in basic principles of Tantra.
Using Breathwork, Meditation, Gratitude Practise, Yoga Nidra and more, to integrate the medicine and deepen your intimacy.
Once you finish this week together you will feel more connected with not only your partners heart space but your own. You will have all the tools you need to continue to integrate this into part of your relationship. A once a week “check-in” with your partner over Cacao is a powerful way to keep the communication channels open and the connection strong .
Upon signing up you will receive a ritual kit containing:
+ Tantric Rose Blossom Cacao +
Exclusively sold by Third Eye in the UK 
Embodied emotional support + intimacy
Heart opening
*Also contains Damiana flower, known for its aphrodisiac qualities*
+ Mayan Copal incense +
To create your sacred space + bless your Cacao
+ Third Eye “Luna” Yogi Oil +
Ylang Ylang, Lavender + Vetiver essential oils marry to create the most deliciously intoxicating scent.
+ A lovingly curated playlist +
+ Access to all of the online content for 1 month +


End the month by shaking it all out! 
Join us online for Cacao ritual, meditation, breath-work + guided movement, before unleashing yourself into your own journey to find freedom in intuitive movement.
This is a powerful practice that takes you on a journey of consciously letting go of what no longer serves to make space to embody what you are calling in.
All through your own unique physical expression.
+ Empower yourself by letting go of judgement, expectation + fear.
+ Open your heart + awaken your spirit.
+ Discover movement as medicine.
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