Cosmic Sound Bath & Sacred Cacao Ceremony

:: Sunday 22nd March :

: Opening Event :

| 5-7pm | £20 |

Cosmic Sound Bath & Cacao Ceremony

A Spring Equinox & New Moon Celebration

This deliciously relaxing Cosmic Soundbath session involves gently playing a selection of ancient instruments – Tibetan singing bowls, Gong, Percussion sequence- which are played in a particular order and using specific playing techniques to help navigate you into a deep state of relaxation where healing can occur, where clarity of mind can be experienced, answers to that problem may become clear, where a spiritual connection can be met and more | These ancient sounds have been used for thousands of years by our ancestors for a variety of reasons, but mainly for; relaxation, healing and meditation | Not only will you come away feeling relaxed, you’ll find yourself feeling amazingly refreshed and revitalised 
There is no participation required during this session or techniques to learn, all you are required to do is to enjoy snuggling under your blanket and letting the waves of sound carry you away 
Please bring with you; a pillow, a blanket and a bottle of water (a yoga mat will be supplied for you to lie on) | Please wear comfortable clothing | Further information will be directly sent to those attending the session the week before.
Unfortunately, this session isn’t suitable for those in their 1st trimester of pregnancy or for those who have epilepsy triggered by sound.

{Theobroma Cacao}
I was first introduced to this medicine in 2017 through attending ceremonies in its native land of Mexico. I have since had the privilege of sharing this with others through holding space for ceremonies since summer 2019, as part of my New Moon offering.

This differs to regular Cacao as it has been cultivated through traditional methods, resulting in a product that is pure with no additional sugars. Therefore it retains all of its natural antioxidants, healing properties, heart opening energy and spirit of Cacao. It aids us in bringing balance to the masculine and feminine energies within us, whilst opening our hearts to infinite possibilities. You will feel centred, grounded, connected deeply to yourself and to Mother Earth.

I meditatively prepare this medicine* with loving intention, which is then served hot, inside custom handmade ceramic Cacao cups by Ceramika, Aberdeen.

During a Sacred Cacao Ceremony, each participant will be invited to drink a 40g dose of Ceremonial Grade Cacao, whilst setting an intention aloud. We experience this in divine unity, to honour the rituals of our ancestors and to remind ourselves of the oneness of humanity.

*Vegan, gluten and nut free.



Mar 22 2020


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm



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