Lions Gate Cacao Ritual

Lions Gate Cacao Ritual

Melissa Peralta being thankful in the woods

By Melissa Peralta


What You will need

+ 40g Ceremonial Cacao

+ Blue Lotus Flower Tea*


+ Lion’s Maine Mushroom Powder*

+ Crystal of choice for Third Eye, such as Lapiz Lazuli, Labradorite or Amethyst

+ Smudging tool of choice, such as Copal, Palo or Sage

+ Pen & Paper

+ 4 items of choice for your altar to represent the 4 elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)


The ritual

Best performed on 8/8 but can be done anytime between now and 12/8

+ Set up your altar with 4 offerings to represent each of the elements within the Universe — Earth, Fire, Water & Air


+ Prepare a full Ceremonial dose of Cacao (40g per person).  If you have it, my recommendation is to brew some Egyptian Blue Lotus Flower tea — using 1 Tbsp of tea flowers to 1 cup of hot water, then combine with the Cacao in either a Vitamix or pan on medium heat, whisking until fully incorporated. 

This ancestral flower is known assist deep meditation, whilst provoking a state of euphoria. It activates the third eye chakra to motivate enhanced insight, intuition & lucid dreaming. 

Alternatively, you can use 1 tsp Lion’s Maine medicinal mushroom power. This potent adaptogen enhances brain function, focus & awareness. 


+ Take your Cacao to your altar, to smudge along with your aura, elemental offerings & any crystals you have laid out. 


+ Hold the Cacao in your hands in front of your heart space, close your eyes, bring your awareness towards your third eye. Stating “I am open, and ready to receive”.


+ Now state your intention for Lion’s Gate aloud or internally towards your heart space. Try to be clear about what you are looking to call in, through the cosmic lens of Sirius. 


+ Take your first sip, and then let your awareness drop down from your third eye into your throat chakra, heart space & then finally into your belly. Begin to deepen then breath, whilst sitting with the sensations for a while. Continue to drink, and then place you’re cup down when you are finished.


+ Lie down with a crystal laid on your third eye. Recommended crystals are ones which would to enhance your intuition & work well with activating the third eye, such as Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite or Amethyst. 


+ Now imagine a blue light coming down from Sirius, entering your crown and dropping into your third eye. 


+ Using your inner eye, visualise this space opening to receive wisdom, guidance & higher states of consciousness from Sirius. 


+ Keep the channel open, drawing in even more blue light. Then begin to call in the the Cacao spirit followed by spirit and consciousness from the West, East, North and South for support on your journey ahead.


+ When you are finished, send out loving gratitude to Sirius and to the spirit guides. Before opening your eyes and returning to your space. 


+ Write down any visions, intuitive messages, thoughts or emotions that came up for you during the ritual. 


+ Write your intention down on a separate piece of paper & place it on your altar with the third eye crystal on top. Leave it here until the gateway closes on August 12th, from which you can burn it and return the ashes to the Earth.

Love, Light & Lion’s Gate Blessings, Melissa x

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