Ceremonial Grade Cacao + Palo Santo (New Bigger Size)

£15.00 Inc. VAT

Ceremonial Grade Cacao + Palo Santo (New Bigger Size)

£15.00 Inc. VAT

2-4 doses of Ceremonial Grade Cacao + Palo Santo

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Ethically sourced from the ancient Cacao gardens in  Peru. 100% pure, grown and harvested through traditional methods. Ceremonial Grade Cacao retains all of it’s natural antioxidants healing properties. It is medicine for the heart, mind and soul.

Cacao was traditionally used in ritual and ceremony by the Aztec and Mayan ancestors and considered a sacred food from the gods.

Drinking Cacao in it’s purest form allows a deeper connection to ourselves and those around us. It heightens our intuition, inner guidance and wisdom. It allows you to open your heart and receive healing from the spirit of Cacao.

At Third Eye we respect the origins of medicine by preparing it as per our ancestors, and drink with loving gratitude every New Moon as we set an intention for the new Lunar Cycle.


+ Gentle but powerful stimulating drink

+ Heart opening and healing energy

+ Creates clearer perception of self

+ Grounds you with mother earth and connects you to the universe

+ Enhances focus and awareness

+ Balances the masculine and feminine energies within

Presented in an eco-friendly glass jar with cork lid.

Each package contains 60g  (2 doses) of 100% pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao and a stick of Palo Santo (holy wood) for smudging and preparing your space before drinking. 40g of Cacao is considered a full/high dose however you may wish to start with a half dose if you are new to this medicine. So you could for example have 20g the first time drinking and 40g the second time. Alternatively you can have two medium doses of 30g


Mix either 1 cup of hot water or heated plant-based milk (coconut is our preference) & whisk until smooth. You can also add additional ingredients such as chilli or cinnamon and natural agave syrup / Mayan honey to sweeten.


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