Lunar Lovers Self-Care + New Moon Ritual Kit

£60.00 Inc. VAT

Lunar Lovers Self-Care + New Moon Ritual Kit

£60.00 Inc. VAT

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Calling forward all lunar lovers!

A curated box for all your self-care and new moon ritual needs. These items have been carefully selected to take you on a dreamy journey of self exploration and deep nourishment, as you prepare to align with the energy of the moon. Manifest a life that serves your true purpose and passions by learning to listen to your inner wisdom and allowing that to be your guiding force towards taking inspired action.


Kit Contents :

+ Palo Santo – Five sticks of ethically sourced holy wood from South America for smudging rituals, to clear unwanted energies from your space and promote grounding and focus within.

+ Labradorite Crystal – A stone of transformation. It stimulates your intuitive wisdom, strengthens faith in oneself and instils trust in the universe.

+ Luna Bath & Body Oil by Third Eye – A 50ml bottle of multi-use oil in a grounding, relaxing & sensual blend of Vetiver, Lavender & Ylang Ylang essential oils. Includes gift bag. Use on the body, bath or hair mask.

+ Luna Essential Oil Candle by Third Eye – 30cl soy wax, hand-poured in Scotland under the auspicious darkness of the New Moon. Vetiver, Lavender & Ylang Ylang come together to create a calm atmosphere. Includes gift box.

+ Crescent Moon Brass Earrings by Third Eye – Wear these as a reminder of your intention throughout the lunar cycle and as a reminder to honour yourself, whatever phase you are in.

+ Guided New Moon Meditation (via email) – Prepare your mind and body to connect to the energy of the moon & your own innate inner wisdom. Slow down, connect & allow yourself to go deep within.

+ Lunar Journaling prompts (via email) – Access the power of intention. Observe your mood, thoughts, physical sensations, realisations and visions over the lunar cycle. Create deeper insight into your own phases and how you are influenced by the moon.

+ New Moon Ritual (via email) – Instructions for conducting your own private moon ritual using some of the items in the kit


“And just like the phases of the moon, we grow through the different phases of life. Feeling into our fullness… feeling into our emptiness… Each phase as beautiful and meaningful as the last.”

– Melissa Peralta (founder of Third Eye)


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