Monthly Moon Ritual Box

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Monthly Moon Ritual Box

£28.00 Inc. VAT

Out of stock

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A monthly moon box to align with the lunar energy through ritual, magick and self care.

This month’s New Moon enters it’s dark phase in the astrological house of Libra. Libra is an Air sign associated with harmony, balance, new ideas and communication. The balancing force within Libra is represented by it’s ruling planet of Venus which symbolically represents love, connection and empathy.

Each box is curated with the intention to aid in your alignment with the cosmic energy each New Moon brings. The plant allies in this box are designed to be used for a burning ritual, as you set your intention for the new lunar cycle. Each of their unique properties supporting and fueling your dreams into manifestation.

There is only a limited number of these available each lunar cycle, so be sure to grab a slice of the magic before they go! Each Moon box purchased gives you free access to join Third Eye’s New Moon Community Lunar Circle. This is an online gathering held under each new moon.

Our circle will be coming together in sacred space via Zoom on Friday 16th at 8-9pm.

We’ll be  using the items in the box for our Moon ritual!


+ Libra New Moon box contents +

 + Caribbean Blue Calcite

A newly discovered + unique combination mineral consisting of light blue Calcite with white + brown Aragonite.

Activates Third Eye + Crown;  aiding in entering higher states of consciousness, developing inner vision, intuition and the ability to view yourself +  surroundings with more clarity. 

  • Visionary dreams, lucid dreaming + astral travel
  • Calming + relaxing, eases anxiety
  • Supports meditation, clarity of mind, inner peace


+ Blue Lotus Flower Tea*

The Blue Lotus was considered sacred to the ancient Egyptians and Mayans

  • Activates Third Eye
  • Enhances intuition + awareness
  • Encourages Lucid dreaming
  • Relaxing + euphoric


+ Rose petals

Flower of Venus. Invokes balance, self love + harmony with others

+ Passionflower

Visionary flower. Invokes inner peace, emotional healing, connection with others, ignites passion for life

+ Mugwort 

Herb associated with the Moon. Thins the veil, grounds and protects your energy.

+ Palo Santo*

+ Mayan Copal

+ Hand-Made Terracotta Dish

+ Charcoal Disc

** Ethically + sustainably sourced**


+ Tea Preparation +

Using a tea strainer, steep flowers in 170 degree water for 5-7 minutes.


+ Charcoal Guidance +

Fill the terracotta dish provided half way with sand or salt.

Hold the disc with metal tongs or scissors and place over a candle flame until hot, then place into the dish before adding herbs little by little.

** Never touch the hot coal with your hands**


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