Upcycled + Reuseable Denim Journal

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Upcycled + Reuseable Denim Journal

£33.00 Inc. VAT

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Upcycled Denim Journal

100% upcycled, handcrafted reusable notebook cover made by Prolong exclusively for Third Eye.

Pre-loved black denim with appliqué on front, featuring the Third Eye logo. The denim used is sourced from charity shops from unwanted jeans and then given a new lease of life for you to adorn your daily planner, dream journal, notebook or sketchbook. Therefore, due to these manufacturing methods, each cover has its own unique aesthetic, for your own unique needs. And you can reuse it over and over again,  giving thanks to the durability of denim.

There are many studies that have consistently shown that journal therapy/expressive writing can improve aspects of you physical and mental health.  Creating a regular journal practise can help you process your thoughts, emotions and events in a way that can be helpful to gaining more clarity of thought and a better understanding of yourself. It can be a way of expressing less helpful thought patterns and perhaps even gaining a fresh perspective on a situation. As well as reflection, it can also serve as a powerful tool for self development and increasing self awareness;  by setting goals and tracking progress, celebrating successes, acknowledging lessons learned and ultimately uncovering patterns in your thoughts and actions.

Prolong is an Aberdeen based fashion company run by designer and maker Lucia Gasparidesova. She has sustainability at the heart of her business through turning pre-owned and unwanted garments into one of a kind, handcrafted products — predominantly bags. Click Here to check out her website and offerings.

It has been a dream to have this opportunity to collaborate with an inspiring local company, that withholds a strong eco-conscious ethic that is in alignment with Third Eye’s own vision.

Reduce • Reuse • Recycle

* Fits small A5 notepads. Handwash only*


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